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IC Timesheet

An industry leading web-based time management system that tracks time, attendance, and expenses for service companies. From features to affordability, IC Timesheet can't be beat.

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IC Timesheet Staffing

An unprecedented web-based solution for tracking time, attendance, and expenses within the staffing industry. Managing a staffing company without IC Timesheet Staffing is being a step behind!

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IC Registration

A fully customizable web-based student management system that provides the integral components for course and student management.

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About Cloud Products™

All products within the Cloud Products™ brand have been specifically developed to serve as automated solutions to labor intensive costly business processes.

All Cloud Products™ are user-friendly, web-based applications which means there is no installation or maintenance required, and users have full access from any location at any time. Plus, cost is always based on the number of users, making Cloud Products™ affordable for any size company.

Key Benefits

  • Affordability
  • Web-based accessibility
  • Unparalleled Service
  • Customizable
  • Efficiency
  • User friendly